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Seeking Answers in Mother Nature

For the past month, I haven’t really written a lot of posts for this site, nor have I really posted anything on my social media accounts, due to the fact that I have been in the process adjusting to my new job, new town, and new state. On top of that, I needed the time to take care of myself, to focus on my health and mentality, and to dive into my art and dreams. 

We’ve all been there, a new place where things seem foreign, a place of isolation even if we know a few people there, a time where we feel a little bit lost and are looking for the right path for us to take, hoping that we can find some sort of guidance to help us out. That’s where I’ve been for the past month. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alaska, it’s truly magnificent and outrageously beautiful. But there has been a few moments of, “is this truly where I’m supposed to be right now?” And so this past month, I had been going out into nature, talking to Mother Earth and seeking answers to my questions, and she answered. 

Being linked to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and my ancestors that roamed around the forests, hills, and mountains, it keeps me grounded, and gives me the ability to receive answers in my dreams. Sometimes they don’t make sense when I’m having the dream, but once they become reality, then I completely understand what they were trying to tell me. And that was what I was dealing with, I had received the answers that I was looking for. 

Not only that, I have been focus on my health and well being, by eating a little differently, going out into nature more since I live just half a mile from a trail that leads up into the mountains. There I can breathe, just stand in silence, and just be happy and healthy once more. 

Sometimes, we just need to step away from our electronic devices, social media accounts, and websites to heal ourselves before we can communicate with others and help others.

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The Personal Growth we go Through


This year I will be turning 26, and while I am off exploring my new home state (Alaska) for the next couple of years, I will be learning more about myself as I go. About two years ago, I wrote a post about knowing yourself, and knowing that you are ever growing, and that couldn’t be even more true. Because every day, every month, and every year we are learning more about ourselves as we continue on in this life. Think back, are you the same person you were three or ten years ago, no, you were not. You have changed in many ways, and some of those ways may be subtle, nevertheless, you’ve changed. Now, the changes you’ve gone through don’t affect your overall personality, quirks, or who you are in general, it just means that you’ve matured in the sense of your personality. I know that I’ve changed in the past ten years, and that doesn’t scare me at all, in fact, it helps me embrace who I am as a person.

Growing up, I ‘ve always been known as the hippie child or granola child amongst my friends and family, because I would refuse to eat meat, bring stray animals home (tried to bring a snake home once, my mom was not having that), talked about utopia and love, put flowers in my messy curls; my personality was all about love, peace, and equality, and it still is. My personality is still like that, however it has matured on another level, and I embrace it. Because it is who I am. I don’t eat red meat or poultry at all now, and I get my source of protein from fish, eggs, and various nuts (except peanuts – I’m allergic), and vegetables. I still hug the trees, rescue animals from horrible living conditions, don’t follow any religion – however I am spiritual, and live a nomadic/hygge life of moving around to different places to continue my writing and helping others.

Personal growth, spiritual growth, mental growth, emotional growth, are all very important in our lives, for they are part of our own path’s and purposes in this life. We must allow for the growth to occur, let ourselves mature, and take us on these detours throughout our life. That is what makes it so fun.

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Standing With Mother Earth


Here we are, in 2017, with a brand new president and vice president to run the United States, while also bringing new presidents around the world to their first terms as presidents (congratulations to Tsai Ing-wen for becoming the first female president of Taiwan!). While here in America, a good majority of us (including myself) are preparing for things to even get worse (it already hit the fan with the temporary ban on Muslims from entering our country), our new elected president Donald Trump has recently signed a document letting the Dakota Access Pipeline to go ahead and destroy the earth with its pipeline that is running through the Dakota’s.

Seeing our precious earth becoming more and more of a landfill, than what it is supposed to be (an ecological, sustainable, graced with hills of luscious green grass, trees, and wildlife). Turning this planet into a waste dump is not what it is meant for. It is not used for greedy corporations to make their “mark” on this land, it is not for chemical induced products to be placed into the grounds, the very grounds that we walk on, grow food, and raise our own families on, is for us to have a healthy and long living life; all the while following our passions and dreams.

More and more pipelines being produced and being forced into the ground, we will see the earth dwindle away to nothing but a concrete jungle of skyscrapers and mansions. All the trees that provide us with warmth, shelter, and oxygen are being taken down and thrown away as if they were garbage, the food that we tend to grow into the soil of the earth is being contaminated by the chemicals that everyone is dumping into the lands below our feet, and the wild animals that roam the planes and mountains are disappearing due to greedy poachers who only care about making a quick dollar. We are living in a time where we are giving the future generations absolutely nothing, we are living in a time where we are allowing corporations destroy the earth and its inhabitants one day at a time.

So, instead of giving them a concrete jungle and no world to play in, we need to be making this place we call home healthier, more sustainable, and capable of having humans and the entire animal kingdom living on it for thousands of years to come.


Photo Credit: Unknown

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Celebrating Yule


All around the world it is now Yule (Winter season), and what better way to celebrate this years Yule than with some fresh snow and Mother Nature gracing us with her beautiful presence through the chilly morning air as the snow falls all over the sleepy towns and cities all over the world. For the most part, no one really celebrates Yule, unless you are either Druid (like myself), any form of paganism, animism, or celebrate through your Native American roots. And the only time most people around the world celebrate Yule is during Christmas time when they are decorating the tree and filling it with presents underneath. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but there are a few other ways to celebrate Yule time.

Give or volunteer to aid a stranger – Going down to your local food pantry or soup kitchen to give your time to help others is always appreciated by those who do not have the money for food during the holiday time. So by helping out, you will be able to chat with those that come through the line, give them a nice warm meal, and assure them that they are not alone for the holidays.

12 spirits for 12 nights – This is your own “12 Days of Yule”, where you can begin on December 20th to January 1st. You can light a candle each night (12 total) and speak a prayer for the ancestor you honor.

Ancestral cookies – Take an old family recipe and bake those cookies in the shape of unique figures of animals, people, trees, and gift them to others.

Share a meal – Gather your friends and family up, go into the kitchen, and all of you create a meal together then sit down to enjoy it together as well. Spending time with family and friends is something that everyone needs, especially during Yule when most people are out on trips and with their own relatives. If you and a few people you know are all alone for the holiday, get together and share a meal together, while you enjoy each other’s company.

Celebrating Yule is an amazing time of the year where a lot of magic can take place right outside our own front doors in the cold harsh unforgiving nature that is Mother Earth, and celebrating it with others is the best part of it.

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I Want (Poem)


I want to end up in the middle of nowhere,
away from the world,
and for a little while
just disappear.

I want to find a little spot,
start a campfire,
and watch the stars in the night sky.

I want to listen to the rain drizzle,
hit the top of the tent,
as you cuddle in my arms.
That is what I want.


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Prayer to Mother Earth (Poem)


Oh sweet Mother Earth,
Grant us your wisdom of this life we live.
Show all of us the ways of living simple,
and show us all the beauty at lies within each of us.
We are the seeds that you have planted on this earth,
Nourish us and create us into the trees and flowers you want us to be.
For right now,
We are being restricted from your nourishments and love we desperately need.

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The Autumn Child (Poem)

* Photo taken by Tyler Rayburn

Her warm summer kiss has become a cold winter’s breeze,
Her brightly colored green leaves have become scattered orange leaves beneath my feet.
The sunshine is starting to hide more often,
As the moon and stars come out to play.
The skies are covered with gray,
And the rain trickles throughout the day.
No longer are there hot days,
For the next six months the coldness will envelope us.
No longer will I need the touch of ice cream upon my lips,
A mug of hot tea will help my fix.
I step outside after a long morning of rain,
With my cloak draped around my body.
I whisper to Mother Earth to bless me with her cold gentle kiss,
The kiss lifts me up,
Cleanses me and renews me.
“My Autumn child, you are blessed”,
She whispers to me.