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Into the Mist with Audiobooks: Running With Audible


It is a misty morning here in Alaska as I run through the streets and trails, and so far there has been a murder of a young school girl, and I’ve been getting to know Magnus fairly well, in fact, I would say we are becoming friends. Magnus is a man of mystery to most people, partly because he is a hermit and not many people want to get to know him, and partly because they care more about town gossip and make up false stories about him.

Although I am in Alaska, where it rains more than most places in the country, the man, and the murder mystery is happening in my head, actually to be more accurate in my headphones. As I continue to run the novel “Raven Black” by Ann Cleeves keeps my adrenaline thumping, making me more excited as I continue going about my path. The thriller novel set in the Shetland Islands in Scotland makes me wish I was solving each case with Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, chatting with Magnus about ravens, and roaming around Scotland taking in all of the sites. The thought of solving a mystery half way across the world through an audiobook delights me, and even as I run I feel as though I am part of it.

Listening to audiobooks while running isn’t quite new, in fact, loads of people have been listening to audiobooks while they were running, lifting weights, or hiking; just to name a few. For me, when I am running I have found out that I cannot listen to music while I run because the music is more of a distraction than a helpful tool, whereas the audiobooks are more of a helpful tool for me. I can concentrate on the narrator, imagine the scenes playing out before me, and can even concentrate on my pace. While I am concentrating on all of that, I have completely forgotten how many miles I have logged.
The best thing about the audiobooks that I pick I can easily access them on my mobile, having already downloaded the app, making it easier to access them before I suit up for my morning jog. Not only that, I don’t have to listen to the same old boring music that seems to haunt the radio stations over and over again. I can listen to a novel for a couple of weeks in a row (if it is a lengthy one) and will never get bored, because the story is captivating, and keeps me up in the morning as I lace up my running shoes.

Many of you already follow my book club, which I am extremely thankful that you have joined, and so it is with great pleasure to let you all know that I will be hosting an audiobook book club for those who are runners, hikers, weight lifters, or any of the like. I think it will be fun to get people into listening to more audiobooks while they are engaging in activity, to make it more fun.

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Book Club: February


The novel that has been chosen for the book club is the elegantly written, The Girl Who Wrote in Silk, by Kelli Estes. This story has everything a reader would want in a novel; mystery, romance, history, and tragedy. This novel follows a young lady named Inara, who has traveled to her now deceased aunt’s island estate. While she roams about the estate, she finds herself in a part of the house that contains a hidden piece of fabric that is elegantly stitched together and has intricate details all over it. As Inara begins to take apart the hidden secrets it holds, Inara finds herself in connection with a young girl named Mei Lein, who had been driven away from her home a century before. Suddenly, Inara realizes that Mei has written stories inside the silk, and Inara has come face to face with a tragic truth, this truth shakes everyone in Inara’s family, including herself.

This novel is mesmerizing and captivating on every level, you can truly see through Inara’s eyes as you read the story. Your mind will want to know every answer to every question that will surround your head as you read, and you will keep reading it until you get all of your answers. Kelli Estes is a gifted author and deserves a standing ovation for this novel, for it is written wonderfully and the characters seem to come alive.

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Book Club: December


For the month of December I wanted to choose a book that you can enjoy on a chilly winter’s eve, while the snow is falling outside your window, and you on the couch drinking your hot beverage. Instead of a classic Christmas story, I have chosen a mystery novel that will keep you captivated for hours on end. You will never want to put it down, yet at the same time, you will feel like you want all of your questions answered.

Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekbäck, is a unique story that follows the family of Maj, who travels from Finland, all the way to Swedish Lapland. Those who are with her are her husband, Jan-Erik, and her two daughters, Marit and Frederika. They leave Finland, hoping that they will leave their past behind them and all of the trauma that goes along with it. Behind their house lies a beautiful yet harsh mountain known as Blackåsen, the story behind the mountain is titillating yet also has a dark history attached to it.

During one day, when Frederika is out herding the goats, she stumbles upon the mutilated dead body of one of their neighbors. Although the death is ruled accidental and by a wolf attack, Maj feels that the wounds that were inflicted on the neighbor can only be caused by another man. Maj begins to investigate the unfortunate event of the death of her neighbor, and learns all about his widow’s fate. All the while this is happening, Frederika is drawn to the mountain, for she sees and feels something about the mountain that no adult nor anyone else can see.

This novel is truly compelling, and a delightful read for anyone who enjoys a nice mystery story on a snowy day or night. All you need to do is grab your copy of the book, brew yourself a nice hot mug of your choosing, grab a blanket, and get comfortable on the couch, because you will be sucked directly into the book.