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At Home (Poem)


Beanie hat on her head,
Covered all over in plaid.
She truly belongs to the wilderness,
Where she smiles the most.

Her eyes light up when the snow falls,
She smiles when the flowers begin to grow,
But she is most at home
When autumn finally begins.

* Photo credit: Pinterest – Nuggwifee

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The Giggling Swings: A Short Story


It is said that on all hallows eve, if you journey to the park that is situated on the outskirts of town you will be able to hear the voices of the little ones that were brutally murdered in 1943. Park your car a block away from the park, then walk towards it with caution. Keep your eyes wide open and your ears perked for you will hear the whispers and giggles of the little girls and boys.

At the stroke of midnight, you sit on the park bench, with your eyes wide open placed on the swings about fifty yards away. At first you may see nothing but once it is 12:01 the shadows appear and begin to dance around the swings. The giggles from all of the children will fill your ears to the brim, while you have a slight smile upon your face. But soon enough that smile will disappear, just as the giggles will submerge into the darkness. For the dark figure from 1943 has suddenly appeared.

The screams of the children fill the midnight air, bringing you to tears. One child notices you, a small little boy with a hat on his head and green eyes, his eyes are filled with dread and fear. He mouths to you in the dark, run. You cannot move, you’re frozen on the park bench. The dark shadow that has been glaring at the children turns its attention to you. Although you cannot see its face, you know it’s a man and he is smiling at you. Slowly he walks towards you, making your whole body quiver, your heart drop and your face turns pale. You wish to move, you wish to run away from the park back to your vehicle, then you realize that your fear is coming alive. The shadow is now towering over you, you take one last look at it┬ábefore you are taken off.

Next Hallows Eve…

You see a young man sitting on the park bench, it is now 12:01, all of the children have come out to play and hear a low laugh appear to your left. You know what’s about to happen, it has happened many times before, the shadow turns its attention to the man on the park bench and smiles that grimacing smile. You try to yell, try to get the young man’s attention, alas you fail. Your voice has been taken, your mouth shown shut and you are nothing but a wandering soul in the midnight hour. The young man sees the shadow, acknowledges it and suddenly he is joining you by your side.

Since 1943 at 12:01 this takes place, in a small town in the middle of nowhere at the park on the outskirts of town. This shall continue to happen until the end of time.


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Daughters of the Veil


From a very young age I knew something was little off with me and also my mom. I knew that there were things that we could not explain, and one of the things we could not explain was why we were able to communicate more frequently with the in-between. The in-between from what I have gathered since I was child is the veil that separates spirits and humans. It is a veil that gets thinner during Samhain, but for my mom and I, and others from our line (female) have been able to connect to it every day and night. For the most part, it is nice to be able to connect with our ancestors and those who have recently passed on, but a majority of the time it is a little too much. We never know who could be with us at any given point and time.

My entire life, I felt like an outsider, especially in my own family with a majority of them being unable to relate to my mom and I. My granny Neoma had told me before she passed that I was always going to be on the outside of society because I was just like her, I was able to do the things she was able to do. At the time, I didn’t like that and quite honestly to this day I do enjoy being on the outside because it shows me what the world is really like.

Numerous times I’ve encountered spirits that I didn’t know who they were and sometimes I was little worried until I was reassured by my guides. I’ve seen strange women coming into my bedroom in the middle of the night, thinking it might be my mom then I would realize that my mom doesn’t have blonde hair. I’ve encountered the voices of spirits. Once I was leaving work and I had gotten into my truck, when I had gotten settled in (buckled up, turned on the truck) I had heard a voice coming from the passenger side saying “She is in and safe.” I thought someone might have been in my truck without me knowing so I had looked in the backseat and no one was there, and the stereo wasn’t on due to the fact that it was broken. I shrugged it off and just went home. Another time, I was in my apartment in Albuquerque watching Bewitched on DVD I saw that the bathroom door was opened, and I was puzzled. All of the doors in my place have to be closed at all times (long story), so I decided to go shut the door. As I approached the bathroom door, I saw a woman go into the bathroom and it made me stop in my tracks. I turned on the bathroom light to be greeted by the small bathroom that consisted of a toilet, mirror, sink and a standing shower. Not much room, and nowhere to hide. I looked behind the curtain of the shower and no one was there. As I turned to walk out of the bathroom. I saw someone standing behind me in the mirror, I turned around to be greeted by nothing. I turned to walk out the door, and saw the figure in the mirror once again, this time I could make it out to be a woman and she was reaching out her hand to my shoulder. I didn’t wait to find out who she was, so I bolted out of the bathroom while turning off the light and closing the door. I didn’t go into the bathroom for the rest of the night.

I’ve always thought that I was a little insane, thought I was hallucinating and thought that I was going to end up in a psychiatric unit; but I was guided by my amazing mom, several medicine women and men, and those who I call friends that also connect with the veil. Being a daughter of the veil is intense, you never know what lurks around the corner, and sometimes you might feel like you will have a panic attack, but if you have a good support system, things run more smoothly.

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Creators of Me (Poem)


The moondust created me,
Giving me the form I take.
The wisdom of Athena has filled thy mind,
Giving me the ability to help those who have awaken.
The songs from the woodchimes create my voice and soul,
Making me sound like a tiny tadpole.
Each of these are the creators of me,
They rule over my physical form,
They rule over my soul,
They rule over my mind,
They are without a doubt me.

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She is the one who nourishes our body,
She is the one who breathes life into our souls.
She is the one who we run away to,
when we wish to be alone.
She is the chirping of the bird,
She is the tune that whistles in the wind.
She is the mother of us all,
She is the protector of us all.
She rages into storms when we dishonor her,
She greets us with love on bright sunny days.
But in the end it is all the same,
She is the one that we come home to when we pass on.
– Me (She Is)

Mother nature, Gaia, Flidais; she goes by these names and more. This earth that we live on here and now, provides us with absolute love and protection, provides us with nourishment and shelter. This is the one place that we are able to only live on at this very moment, yet most of this world does not care. Most of the population does not care if they throw out their wrappers and other trash onto the side of the road. They do not care that they are destroying this beloved earth and the other inhabitants. They do not care that this beloved earth is withering away due to everyone wanting to strip down every tree to build some new pathetic shopping center. They do not care at all. But would they care if they knew all that this planet does for us?

Mother earth, or Gaia as I like to call her, provides us with oxygen from the trees that fill the national parks, forests, mountains. She provides with water from the streams, river beds, lakes and oceans. She provides us with shelter with already nature made areas such as caves, trees that are large enough to house a small family, and inside mountains. She protects us from disasters that come our way. When the oceans go into full force and the plate tectonics shift and collapse creating massive tsunami’s, she has shelter for us high in the trees or even far away where the water cannot reach; sadly sometimes there are those who do not make it. She has provided us with brothers and sisters from different species, man’s best friend for example or even a panda bear who wishes to give us a hug. When we sit on the ground, with the soft dirt underneath us, we can look up into the sky and see father sky and the millions of stars shining so brightly. Shining brightly for Gaia and all of her children. Shining to show their appreciation for what she holds, for what she takes care of. Do you see now? Do you see how much she does so much for us and I can guarantee that you probably didn’t even take any of this into consideration.

The air has become stiff from all of the pollution that has been created by mankind, the birds fly far away from us due to the fact that each major city is destroying not only the sky but the earth along with it, and there are very few trees left in the major cities to help release enough oxygen for all of us. The highways, fields, oceans and other areas of the world are becoming polluted by trash that people throw out of the car as they are moving. They throw their cigarette butts out the window, igniting fires and burning up major areas that need to be protected. Right now, as you are reading this article, our mother earth is in terrible danger from the damage that mankind has been afflicting on her since man decided to take over this planet. She is withering away and there are a lot of people who do not care. They do not care that their beloved home planet is withering away and someday soon she will not be able to take care of us anymore. And when that day comes, everyone will either have forgotten and do not give a rats a**, or they will begin to question how did it happen and they will think that they can revive her when it will actually be too late.
Thankfully, right now at this very moment, it is not too late. We can actually do something to make sure she does not deteriorate. Pick up all trash on the highways, in the streams, in the oceans. Clean out the oil from the ocean, and that is seeping into the lands where the animals roam. Grow more trees, so they can provide oxygen and revive this earth and bring it a new beginning. There is hope for this planet, but in order to make anything happen, we must all work together and make this earth healthier for generations to come. I would want all of my nieces, nephews, and future grandchildren and several generations of grandchildren to be able to live on a healthy planet where they can be happy and healthy themselves. Because Gaia has taken good care of them. And because we have taken good care of Gaia ourselves.

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The Healing Garden (Part III)


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Ravens of Mu (Poem)


You and I are one in the same,
Both mysterious and can hide in plain sight.
It is easy to escape our predator.
For we can blend in under the night sky.
But during the day, we must stay inside.
Hide from those who want to destroy us.
Hide from those who plan on wiping out our race.
You are my father,
And I, your daughter.
We are the last of our kind.
We escaped from our sinking continent that no one is able to find,
And now we must blend in with modern society to try to survive.
Father raven, do not fear.
I know that you are watching me.
I can see you hiding in the dark,
And see you fly above me during the day.
Father raven, do not fear.
For now, we are safe and no one can find us.
For we are hiding in plain sight.