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My Brand New Poetry Book

Good morning everyone! I wanted to apologize for not writing a whole lot, this month has been very hectic due to work, studying for my Master’s, and working on the release of this new poetry book.

Today my brand new poetry book, Hearts of Glass, has been released by my amazing publisher, Middle Island Press. I have been working with the publishing press for the past couple of years, and they are truly amazing. They have given me the opportunity to release my poems out to all of you, and it had always been a dream of mine. I truly cannot thank then enough for letting me see my dream become a reality.

Hearts of Glass is poetry book that dives into the reality of the affairs of the heat. Showcasing just how fragile our hearts are, showcasing when we fall in love, out of love, and endure the most hurtful heartbreaks. And everyone can relate to many of the poems.

You can get your copy of my new poetry book on Amazon, and soon it will be available in select stores around the world.

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The Healing Garden (Part III)


For all of you who follow this site to learn herbal remedies, developing a healthier lifestyle, and a cleaner environment; there is now a Facebook page that you can follow.


You can also read the articles on there, and I will also put up new posts on there that will not be featured on here.

I would like to thank all of you who follow this site. You are all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for reading my posts and getting involved in it as well.

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To Know Thyself


Introverted yet slightly social, stubborn yet compassionate, advocate for those who need help and need to be protected,  creative, nostalgic, night owl, lover and a fighter, sensitive and dislikes criticism, humorous, mystical, hopeless romantic, laid back, type B personality, naive at times, intuitive, nonconformist, and not a pushover.

To know thyself is truly important. For if you do not know yourself then you will subjected to conformity. Years of getting to know myself, I found myself. I found myself in nature. I found myself in the books that you find in second hand stores and libraries. I found myself in  my meditation sessions. The first paragraph is comprised of who I am as a person. And those who come across me usually say I’m sweet and stubborn with some sassy thrown in there. For the most part, they are right. But they do not know me truly. You have to project who you are, no matter if you are introverted or not.
I’ve always believed that you have to know yourself to survive the 21st century. You should never lose yourself. For when you do, you are subjected to vulnerability and conformity. And I have always been against conformity. Get to know yourself, that way you know what you want in life, know what you don’t want, and that way you don’t conform to society’s rules.

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Guard of Harem (Poem)


Upon arrival at the north gates,
you will meet a man with a stoic face.
Although he seems stoic and cold,
deep in his heart there’s a true lover waiting to be unfolded.

A sword on his right hip.
A knife on his left.
His hands cup behind his back,
while he watches us all with those deep brown eyes.

With the sun beating down,
A bead of sweat glistens on his dark face.
But he is unable to wipe it away.
For if he did,
Someone might attack and catch him off guard.
I look at him and smile.
I raise my rag and wipe the sweat away.
He looks at me and smiles, then moves his eyes forward.
He must keep watch of the north gates.
He must protect the city from the danger that awaits.

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Nostalgia: A Lost Time


      The turn of the century. The 1920’s in Paris is an era that has captured my heart. A time where writers flocked to the big city to pursue their work.
If I was able to, I would go back in time and live in Paris during the 1920’s. I would be able to work with one of my favorite author’s, Gertrude Stein. I would be able to sip a glass of wine while I watch jazz bands play, watch the dancers move gracefully across the dance floor, and listen to Cole Porter live.

        During the 20’s, the silent era was starting to take off in Hollywood. The silent era is definitely my top favorite when it comes to the movies. And if I was alive during the 20’s, I would fan girl extremely hard if I saw Greta Garbo or Rudolph Valentino. I would be able to meet Man Ray, who to this day is a big influence in my photography.

         The 1920’s of Paris is a lost era to me. But it will forever capture my heart no matter where I go. My heart is captured by the city and of the time. Yes, nostalgia is a time in a place for us who are romantic at heart and wish to be in a different time to be happy. But we are always going to daydream about the time and city that we are passionate about.