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Bare Bones (Poem)



Let the moon dance on your skin
grant it access
let it sink in deep,
let it wash all your anxieties,
soaking you washing you clean,
leaving you with bare bones.

Feel the darkness be wiped away
feel your body become whole again,
let your fingertips be kissed
and don’t pull back,
welcome this soul cleansing,
this is what we all need,
to show that we all need love,
show we all need comfort,
to be rid of any anxieties,
we need to be washed
let our bones soak in the moonlight.

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A New Author Website and Future Changes


This is exciting news, and I couldn’t wait to tell all of you lovely people who follow this site and read all of my poems. There has been an official author website for all of my poetry books and novels that will soon follow; it had been something that had been in a long process because I wanted it to feel like it was me and went along with all of my poetry books that have been released, and will be released within the next couple of years.

You can go over to the website and sign up for all author reading and signing events, updates, all other sorts of amazing things. Just follow the link: Loni Hoots

There will be other changes to my holistic healing practice Simple Life, Simple You. This site will become like a blog full time, whereas the company will actually be separated from my poetry work, and will have its own website as well. Not only will it have its own website and be more updated in every aspect, it will be easier for all of you to book appointments for reiki healing sessions, stress management counseling, and other healing sessions. But that is not the last thing that is going to be changed to my healing practice, it will also have a new name. The motto will stay the same: Where Healing Begins at the Core, because that is what I believe in, and will always continue to believe in. The changes for my practice will be changing in 2018 and will make announcements of progress along the way.

As a writer and a healer, I am ecstatic about all of the changes that are occurring because it means that my dreams and ambitions are becoming more of a reality and let’s be honest, we all want to see our dreams and passions become reality.


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Click (Poem)

“Like this and I’ll follow you”,
Pose for a picture and pucker those lips,
“You look gorgeous!”
It is a constant thing,
no matter what you say there is always someone out there,
tilting their head looking for the right pic.
All to feed their vanity,
all to feed their constant hunger for fifteen minutes of fame,
but did they know that fame is dangerous?
No, they just care about the next like,
the next post shared,
the next “OMG, You’re so hot!”
I just hope they don’t fall down the rabbit hole,
because once they do they won’t be back,
it will be an endless line of clicks.

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We Are Humans (Poem)



We are humans therefore we ache,
we are not some robot
who has no feelings,
who cannot cry,
who cannot feel hate.
We are humans who all wish,
we wish for the same thing,
we wish for love,
we wish for comfort,
we wish for someone to ease the pain.
We are humans,
we all have the same things
from a heart to a mind,
to blood racing in our veins,
so it is time to stop this war that is filled with hate.

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Lacuna (Poem)

Somewhere deep in my soul
there is something missing,
a piece that has yet been written,
a piece that is missing the notes,
as if a song were unfinished,
as if a poem were cut off mid-sentence,
as if a part of me was missing.
It is not my other half,
for I am not half,
yet, it is a part of me that is whole
just like I was born twenty-six years ago,
all I know is that it is currently blank,
yet, in the back of my mind
it will soon be filled just like the River Thames.

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Noor (Poem)

She is a glimmer in my eye,
has been since the dawn of time,
for she is the daughter I foresee in my mind,
a lovely child with an infectious laugh,
brown curls that drip down her back,
She is only but a fantasy at this point in time,
however, I do know
that when I meet my partner
we will meet in the cosmos and bring about
this daughter of ours to life.

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Last Night I Forgave Myself (Poem)

Last night I forgave myself,
it was something I had never done before,
something that I never thought would happen,
something that came out of nowhere.
Last night I forgave myself,
for all of the harsh words I once spoke
the words that I spoke to my body,
the words that I spoke to my mind,
the words that I spoke to my heart.

Last night I finally forgave myself
and told my reflection in the mirror
that I would never do such a thing again,
I finally forgave myself,
and now, I am content.