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It Starts With Us: Parents Talking to Their Children to Stop Bullying


“You’re not thin enough”, “You look weird”, “Why are you even here? You should die”, these phrases are just a few of the phrases that are being thrown around in the schoolyards, in the classrooms, and I kid you not, at work as well. And believe it or not, there are even some worse phrases that will not be mentioned in this post. Why? Because they are horrifying and should never be said to another human being, or any being for that matter.

Now, I am not a parent, well, I am a fur-mama, but I do not have any human children at the moment. However, I do have nieces and nephews, and they are the light of my world, and right now they are very young, very impressionable, and can sense when things are not right. And I know that they are the perfect target for bullying. Hell, every child, teenager, and adult is a perfect target for being bullied. I know this. I’ve lived through most of my life of being bullied. Bullied by classmates, by teachers (yes, that does happen), and even bullied by co-workers, and it is not something I would want another person to endure.

Recently, I found out that a friend of mine’s son was bullied. Bullied to the point that he was sent to the hospital with a broken nose, several broken ribs, and bruises all up and down his body. Do you know how angry this made his father feel? How his mother felt? Hell, when I heard what happened I got so mad to the point that I nearly broke a counter. Yes, I got that mad. But where does this anger get placed? On the school system? Absolutely, the school is responsible for the children while they are at school, and under their supervision. On the children themselves? Of course, they are supposed to know what is right from wrong. On ourselves? Yes, a million times yes it is, the anger should weigh heavily on us adults. Why should we be angry with ourselves? Because we are the adults here, we are supposed to show our children how to behave, how to treat one another and to show them that they are not supposed to bully and assault others. As the adults we are supposed to set an example for them, to show them that two beings can be in the same room without violating the other. We are not supposed to set a bad example to them about how to start a fight, how to mistreat a girl or a boy. We are the adults here, it is our job.

Yes, there are pep rallies every year in most schools that bring awareness to the subject at hand, but do they really make an impact? No, not really. Growing up I went to several of those rallies, and do you know what still occurred. The bullying still occurred. Don’t get me wrong, I think the rallies are great, but they do not actually do much help when it comes to telling children to stop bullying, to stop assaulting their classmates, or anyone they meet in life.

It all starts at home, with the parents. As parents, we are supposed to set examples, good examples of how to treat others, and it is the way you mistreat others, say unkind and horrible things about another person is what the children are seeing more of. I know this to be true. I know a lady who is in her early 40’s and she treats others like crap, she mistreats them, bullies them, steals their energy, and makes others feel like garbage. And time and time again her children have witnessed this, and time and time again I have to remind her that they are watching her every move, every word that she says, and they are more than likely going to mimic her as they grow up. And that is what happens. Children mimic their parents, they mimic the way we talk to each other, how we treat each other. And if they are seeing that we are mistreating each other, then they are going to assume that it is completely normal, that it is okay to bully and assault each other.

So, parents this on us. We need to be setting a good example for the children, and show them how two human beings can get along, and show them how to treat others. Have a long conversation, or two, or three. It doesn’t matter how many conversations you have with your children, the only thing that does matter is that you talk with them and that you set yourself as a good example. Because if we don’t do anything about this, then more and more boys and girls will end up in hospitals due to broken ribs, led to anorexia or bulimia, or even led to the final blow of a gun from being bullied.

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Endangerment: Rhino


Rhino’s are some of the most magnificent creatures on this planet, they are complex, mysterious, agile, and for the most part they are pretty peaceful. However they are becoming extinct in South Africa, this is due to poachers killing them off for their horns that contain ivory. These poachers are actually illegal and are not even to be going near any animal at all, but they do not care about the animals and their extinction, they only care about the money and obtaining a lot of it. Back in 2014, poachers had killed more than 1,200 rhinos that year alone, and each year that number continues to get higher and higher. What makes this whole situation worse, is that the government wants to make poaching legal, which makes me want to vomit. If poaching is made legal, and more rhinos in particular are killed off from the plains from South Africa, the price will plummet and all of the poachers will be running rampant to find more rhinos in other areas of the world and killing them off there too.

There was a brief period in 2008, where poaching for ivory was made legal. Horrifying enough, when this had happened, all of the poachers had gone on a rampage and nearly killed off every rhino known to existence and tried to collect as much ivory as they could to make a quick buck. Thankfully, the government got their heads out of their rear ends and made it illegal once again. However, with the government even thinking about making it legal again, it is bound to bring upon destruction among the rhino community. All of them will be wipe off the face of the earth and we will no longer be graced with their existence. We cannot let the government make poaching legal again, we have to stop them from doing so. Make them see that making it legal will bring about the death of the entire race of the rhino, and quite honestly we do not want the rhino to go extinct whatsoever. On top of that, legalizing poaching will be basically playing into the organized crime hands. Poachers are extremely intelligent and very creative, they have the ability to manipulate officials and make more money for ivory. The poachers are highly cunning, have no morals, and have high ambitions to just make money; therefor they will do whatever it takes to obtain that ivory and that money that they think that they are entitled to.

These rhinos need to be carefully surveillance and protected at all times, just like every other animal that is on the endangered. On top of that, we need to be talking to the governments all over the world and make it illegal everywhere, and make it a serious felony for any of those who wish to bring harm to the animals.

Now, all of you that follow me on here and all of my social media accounts know that I am completely against poaching, and believe that it needs to be stopped right away before every animal on this planet becomes extinct. It makes me sick to my stomach that people think that they have the right to steal the life and body parts from a defenseless animal, all just for money.
Each month I will be showcasing animals that are going extinct and providing information about the whole situation and even provide links to where you can help protect these animals.

If you wish to sign the petition to save the rhinos, just follow this link below and follow the easy steps provided for you. Thank you for standing up against the poachers and defending the rhinos.

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Teachers And Their Students


   When you look at this picture, you would say that she is a “beautiful young lady with her life ahead of her”. However you would probably not think that she would be convicted of having sexual relations with her students.
The young lady in the mugshot is 27 year old, Jennifer Marie Perry. She is a English high school teacher at Pinson Valley High. She is married, but has no kids. The only thing that would be considered her kids, is her three dogs that her and her husband have.

Recently, this young teacher turned herself into the local police station after she had jacked off a 17 year old student on the school’s ground after hours. Now, I don’t know how far this teacher and the student had gone, but no teacher should ever have sexual relations with a student. For one, that is called, statutory rape. Secondly, the teacher would be risking his or her position as a teacher if they were to have sexual relations with a student of theirs. If I found a teacher having a sexual relationship with a student, I would get them fired immediately and put in prison.

   Here’s the sad thing though. All over Facebook, there are guys saying, “Where was she when I was in school?” And “I would tear that p***y up!” No, no, no! I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. When a male teacher does something like this, everyone jumps down his throat and everyone wants to beat him up. But once a female teacher does this, she is hated by women but loved by men. Not only that, men wish that they were that student and having sex with the teacher. It’s a double standard and I’m sick of it. It’s not “hot” when a teacher has a sexual relations with a student. Sure, the fantasy is nice when you are role-playing with your significant other, but the reality of it is pretty disturbing and unethical.
The amount of sexual predators in these schools is astounding and disturbing at the same time. From now on, anyone who wants to be a teacher needs to have a thorough background check and also do a full evaluation of their mind and personality. That’s how I’m feeling about this whole situation.