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Scent of Spring (Poem)

As I sit here
With the french doors open wide,
The see-through curtains try to escape,
As the wind try to whisk them away.

The smell of fresh cut flowers flow through,
At the same time,
The scent of the apple orchards fill the air.
The scents intertwined,
While I sit here
And lose track of time,
Giving this glorious morning
A brand new definition of true beauty.

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Healing From the Core: Journaling


When it comes to healing oneself, it can be rather difficult to find something that you can vent to about your emotions, struggles, and the things that are plaguing your mind. However, most people overlook the one thing that they could do to help them vent productively in a non-violent manner, journaling.

Yes, it sounds a little strange for adults to be journaling, especially since the prime demographic is young teenaged girls and boys; however, there are plenty of adults who journal. In fact, I am one of those adults. I journal several times a week, my journal has become a book filled with different things from my meditation sessions that I just went through, my dreams, and overall, just my emotions in general. It helps me figuring things out on paper, and it truly helps, especially after I’ve written what I need to write down, I can look back and see what symbolic thing that is going on in my life at the time.

Journaling is one of the most therapeutic ways of dealing with everyday stress and just life in general. You can pour yourself out on pages among pages, without the fear of judgment or ridicule. In a way, journaling is a therapist that you can vent to about all of your problems, and just dive into what you are truly feeling. It can help you come to terms with a lot of things that you are dealing with internally, while also helping you deal with your past that you seem to be running from.

I’ve always believed that you need a journal that you resonate with, something that you feel connected to. This is due to the fact that you will be sharing your most intimate thoughts, feelings, and dreams to. So the picking the right journal will help you along in the process of healing. There are many places that you can go to find a journal from your local stores to online shopping, finding a journal that you feel comfortable writing in and venting to is highly important.

And do not worry what others will say if they ever find out that you journal, there is nothing wrong with it at all. In fact, it is perfectly normal to journal at any age.


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Meditation: Garden of Your Soul

Mosaic Garden Path

Turn on your preferred meditation music, and get comfortable by either sitting down in the lotus position or laying on down on your back. Close your eyes and sink into your position, as the music washes over your entire being. As the music makes its way gently into your mind, your mind will be cleared of any toxic and negative energy, and you will then become lightheaded.

At this time, your mind will dive into another world, a place where it will lead you to your final destination. In your third eye and in your mind, you will see yourself standing on the pier, overlooking dark waters. The dark waters whisper to you to take a dip, go ahead and take that dip into the smooth dark waters and let your body float down to the bottom. Before you can reach the bottom of the ocean, a bright light will make its appearance, seducing you to swim to it. Swim over to the bright light and feel your body being pulled through, the weight of your body has been reduced to feeling as though you are light as a feather. Once you are pulled all the way through, you will find yourself in the middle of a dirt path. You look down and you are now in a brightly colored outfit that suits your personality, and you feel ever so free to be your true self.

As you walk down the dirt path, you can see something coming into view, it is a temple, but this temple resembles your inner soul, your place that you can call home. Look at the details of it, remember the way it makes you feel, feel the energy coming from it and let it soak into your soul. Remembering these things will bring you closer to home, in your heart and soul.

Make your way into the temple, and walk about the smooth floor with your bare feet, and absorb the energy coming from the temple into your body. As you walk about the temple, you look outside, and there you see is a garden that resembles your complete home of your inner self. Walking outside and into the garden, you feel the delicious sensation of grass touching your feet. The sweet perfume coming from the flowers fill the air around you, making your mouth water. As you walk around the garden, while you smell the delicious air, and feel the tree leaves brush up against your skin, you hear something behind you. Turning around you see an animal presenting itself to you, knowing that it will not hurt you or you hurt it, you walk closer to the animal ever so cautiously. The animal rubs up against you and a sensation runs through your body. For some unknown reason, you know this animal, you know that it is apart of you. Suddenly the animal guides you around the garden, no words are needed for this conversation between the two of you. For your minds are connected, just as your hearts and souls are too. You realize that this animal is your spirit animal, one that guides you and protects you. You let yourself go, and put yourself into the animal’s control, letting it help you throughout your life and never letting you go. The animal leaves your sight, leaving you in the garden. Suddenly, you feel a tug on your body, making you realize it is time to come back. You walk through the temple once more, to find yourself on the dirt path. You walk up the dirt path, to where you had first arrived, then the bright light reappears to pull you back in. You find yourself in the dark waters once more, so you begin to swim. You reach the surface of the water, and find yourself wading back and forth. You know you don’t need to reach the pier, so you slowly wake from your meditation, bringing you back to reality.

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Hygge Lifestyle


“The absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.” — The art of hygge

Hygge is a Danish word that has a hard time being translated into the English language, due to the fact that it means more than just one word. Hygee, in an overall sense means, “pleasures we associate with everyday living, relaxing with friends, enjoying good food, and creating a cozy evening by lighting a candle or two.” If you wish to give it one word that it translates to, it would be, “cozy.” Denmark is located in the northern region of Europe, it is part of the Scandinavian countries; not only that, Denmark is rated as the #1 Happiest Country in the world. Why? Because of hygge. They enjoy the greater things in life: spending time with family, baking delicious healthy foods, minimalism, and spending time by the fireplace with a good book and tea.  It is no wonder why they are the happiest people in the world.

For years I have incorporated this type of lifestyle into my own life without even knowing it. The thought of just living a simple cozy life has always drawn me in, spending the evening eating delicious meals made from scratch, drinking tea, and spending time with loved ones while playing games is what I have always gravitated towards, even though I am introverted. In a sense, this is embedded in my DNA; for I am part Scandinavian from both parents, Norwegian from my dad, and Finnish from my mom. It is not only the Danish people who have incorporated hygge into their lives, it is the entire Scandinavian region that has as well.

So, exactly what is hygge? How do you explain it? It is not easy to explain it, but I can give you a scenario of what it would be like. Imagine this, you are at home and it is either snowing or raining outside. While you can see and listen to the sounds of the snow or rain from your window, you are inside your home, on the couch in your comfortable pajama’s, covered by a blanket, sipping on tea with a friend of yours sitting next to you while the both of you are watching Doc Martin on the television as the fireplace crackles throughout the night. That is hygge. That is comfort, the kind that you feel safe and snug inside your home. Now keep in mind, hygge is not only incorporated during the winter time in the Scandinavian countries, it is incorporated all year round. Here are some tips on how to hygge all year round (in no particular order):

Invest in Candles – Candles are a big thing in hygge in Scandinavian countries. They bring the warmth, the incense, the comfort into the home and create the atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the night time, all the while spending time with a loved one. There are numerous scents that you can choose from, choose the ones that you find soothing and would enjoy during the entire time; don’t get a candle just because everyone else picked that one out, if you don’t like it, then don’t get it.

Texture – A nice knitted blanket or fuzzy pillows will help set  the atmosphere even a little higher with the candles and warm fireplace/ heater.

Loungewear – Who doesn’t enjoy a nice set of pajamas that you can lounge in around the house while you watch a movie or show, or even read a book? Having a set of pajamas that will keep you warm while you relax. They do not need to be expensive.

Friends – You can hygge alone, however, when you hygge with friends, it creates a different atmosphere. One where you can just relax at the kitchen table and play a board game or in the living while you watch a movie or television show; having a great time with them, all the while you are hunkered down in the house staying cozy.

Hobbies everywhere – Hobbies are great to do when you hygge; sewing, knitting, reading, painting, are all great when you want to just focus on the mind. Turn off the television and pick up  a book or something else, and just relax your mind while you are enjoying solitary for a couple of hours.

Do not rush – Everyone in this country (USA) is all about running around thinking that they need to be somewhere at that very instant or thinking about the next thing that they need to do. So stop, just take some time and hygge. Take a deep breath and enjoy this time to refocus your mind, your body, and your soul. Get back to where you are supposed to be and just enjoy this moment.

Never overdo hygge- It is not about setting a ten course meal for you and your loved ones coming over, it is not about hosting some extravagant masquerade ball in the middle of your backyard. It is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone can just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Have some warm soups and open-faced sandwiches while you enjoy playing a board game with your company next to some candle lights.

It isn’t just for winter – Like I said before, hygge isn’t just for the winter time. In fact you can practice it all year round. Spending time out in the park with a book and a cold beverage is a perfect way to hygge, just as it is in the fall time when you and your friends head over to little cafe’s and just enjoy each other’s company. Hygge is all year round, not just for winter.

A friend of mine is from Denmark and still lives there to this day has said that you use all of your five senses to “absorb the joy in the simplest things”. And she is correct, the simplest things in life are far more priceless and more valuable than the $6,000 clutch that could possibly be used as a paperweight.


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Law of Attraction Lifestyle


Law of attraction or manifestation, whichever you wish to call it, is a powerful force. Most of the population is unaware that they are using this powerful thing every moment of every day, and in all honesty that is quite terrifying. Because law of attraction is one of the most powerful tools a human being could use in their life; it is what makes a person’s life positive or negative. In fact, each person is 100% responsible for their own life. And everything that they experience is a reflection of them. Each person will attract the good, the bad, and the indifferent through the subconscious thoughts whether they are positive or negative thoughts. For example, if you think negatively about your work, love life, or any other aspect in your life; then negativity will emerge from the depths and make you see what you have been thinking.

As I said before, law of attraction is powerful and it should be used with the intention of bringing good and positive things into your life; not negativity (even though negativity simmers down there, it is not wise to bring it up to the top). When living the law of attraction lifestyle, many do not know how to do it or they are simply overwhelmed by every little tidbit of information out there. This post will show you how to start living your life by using law of attraction. Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.

Learn and be aware of the law of attraction and listen to it – When you have learned about the law of attraction and have learned what it can bring into your life, you realize that you have the ability to bring the positive outcome into your life, and also manifest the things you have been wanting into your life.

You need to be will to accept that you are creating your experience – For the most part, you do not realize that you are the one that is actually bringing all these things into your life. It lies in your subconscious and even though it simmers there; it still has the ability to bring these negative thoughts to reality.

Know exactly what you want in your life – When you know what exactly what you want in your life and put it out into the universe, expect to receive it. Your mind, your heart, and the Universe are all tied together and when you know what you want and throw it out to the Universe with a positive sensation, it will come into your life.

Vision boards and affirmations – Creating a vision board consisting of pictures and texts will help you bring in the positivity into your life, all the while bringing you the things you want. Reflect on your vision board everyday for at least five minutes in either the morning or at night, and affirm what you have on your vision board is what you want.

Get rid of resisting thoughts – When you realize that negative and resisting thoughts have begun to plague your mind, you need to remove them quickly before they make a home inside of you. These negative and resisting thoughts oppose everything that you are working towards, and when they are trying to make their presence known, that is when you need to move quickly and remove them from your life.

Maintain a healthy body – Just like every part of life, having a healthy body is important. Eating properly and exercising will help your body be healthy and will help you be able to move throughout this life a lot smoother. **Recently, I wrote a post about the 80/20 lifestyle, where you eat 80% healthy and 20% indulge, go check it out. It will help you in this aspect.

Treat others the way you want to be treated – In this day and age, most of the population does not know how to be kind to one another and respect each other. Sadly, this is terrifying. I have always believe in the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. Treating others with love, kindness, and respect is healthier not only for me but also for the other person as well. Because, slowly, the other person will begin to treat not only themselves but others as well with love, kindness, and respect. Even though there are people out there who will not greet your kindness and warmth with respect, they still deserve that kindness and warmth from you.

“The law of attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel.” – Abraham Hicks



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The War on Our Bodies


About seven years ago, I sat myself on my bed and decided that I was going to have a conversation with myself about myself, to finally heal. I grabbed my journal, a pen, and turned on some music. No one was home at the time, so this was a great time for me to do this. As soon as the pen touched the paper, a letter to myself began to take form. There were moments where I cried and there were moments where I laughed out loud. I just kept writing, it didn’t matter how long this entry was, and it didn’t matter how long it was taking, it had become highly therapeutic for me. I was finally having that conversation that I truly needed, the one that I had put off for years due to other commitments, but I had realized that this was something that needed to be done. This is was the conversation that I need to have to heal my mind, body, and soul.

Why? That was one of the questions that I had asked myself, why was I so hard on myself, and on my appearance. Why was I constantly picked on growing up for looking different from others? I was puzzled for awhile after I had asked myself this question. Then I realized, it was because of society and the media. They had been trying to brainwash me into thinking that since I didn’t look like a Victoria Angel’s model, that there was something terribly wrong with me. They had been trying to make me think that every inch of my skin was deformed. Once I had realized this, that was when I knew that the media and society was truly messed up. Placing the pen down and looking at the journal, I had realized a lot of things, one that everyone on this planet is so impressionable, regardless of age or gender. Another one was that everyone on this planet is unique and different, no two people are going to look alike, not even twins (granted that I already knew this, it had just appeared to me on another level). After that, I had decided to wage what you would call a war on the media and at society for brainwashing everyone into believing that they need to look a certain way to feel attractive. Not only that, I had decided that I wanted help others build better and healthier relationships with their bodies and finally feel comfortable with themselves and feel attractive. That was when I had created a ritual type of list for everyone to participate in, and today, I will share with you that list (in no particular order):

Stand in front of the mirror – After getting out of the shower, stand in front of the mirror, butt naked. While you stand there, I want you to look at every inch of your body and notice everything. After that, I want you to list 5 things that you love about yourself. These can be qualities that you already have, personality traits, physical attributes that you have that you think look amazing. Do this every day, and by the time it is the end of the year, your relationship with your body has become healthier.

Stretch to the sky – I am a certified Pilates Instructor and enjoy both yoga and Pilates, they help the body stretch and let the muscles relax after a long day at work. Participating in yoga or Pilates will help you connect with your body on a deeper level. You will see that you and your body are no longer at war with each other anymore.

Embrace your flaws – Everyone has flaws, and I mean everyone. Even the models that walk the runway to the prince’s and princesses of the world have flaws. Everyone has stretch marks and cellulite, that is what happens when you go through puberty, when you are pregnant, when you go through life in general; it is natural and nothing to freak out about.

Shut out the media/society- Let’s be honest, the media doesn’t know anything, their metaphorical head is shoved so far up their metaphorical rear end, that they cannot see that they are doing damage to each person in this society that we live in. They do not realize that they are part of the source of the problem that is consuming each person when it comes to body shaming someone. Turn away from the side of the world, and come over to the side of the world where you are accepted, where your body is accepted the way it is, and where you will not be judged. That is where you belong.

Accept your body the way it is – Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, and that means you too. In the end, you don’t need to be a certain way or look a certain way to be yourself.

Remember that the scale is inaccurate – That scale that you have in your bathroom, it is completely inaccurate. It does not take into consideration your organs, your time of the month (ladies), bone density. Also, there is one thing that the scale cannot tell you…. your worth. You are worth more than a number on a scale and some waist measurement that anyone gives you. You are worth more than all of that. In fact, your worth is so priceless that it would be hard to buy it from you. Remember that.

For all of those who want a bikini body – For all of you who wish to have the “perfect bikini body”, there is only one thing that I need to say to you. Put on that bikini and rock it.

Don’t listen to the body shamers – No matter how far we get in this life, with making an impact on stopping body shaming, there will always be those who feel the need to body shame others just because they are insecure with themselves and feel like they are justified with being able to make fun of others. Don’t listen to them and don’t let their rude comments on any of your social media accounts or in person destroy your beautiful aura. They are not worth your time. I would like to bring this up in this section, if you are going to take down a body shamer, do not body shame them – you will lower yourself to their level, and that’s not what you want to do. Keep this in mind, you are the only that decides your worth; not the scale in your bathroom, and certainly no body shamer that roams about in cyberspace.

Every body is beautiful – No matter what, there is always going to be those people who have decided to say that “bones are for dogs, meat is for men” or “people don’t like fat cows”. And honestly whenever I read something like that, I throw up in my mouth. There is no one body type that is more beautiful than the other. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is beautiful.

Never be ashamed of your body, for your body is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it, and don’t let anyone ever try to tear down your worth or strip you of your beauty that glows from the inside to  the outside.

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Managing Your Stress


Stress is one of the inevitable things in life in the 21st century, due to the fact that we are constantly on the go, having to be at work by a specific time, never having a enough hours in the day to get everything done, and our lives are more controlled by electronics and social media than anything else. So, it is nice to take a breather, to step back and reduce the stress that has begun to consume you. Thankfully, there are many different types of activities that you can do to help reduce stress, now keep in mind, these are in no particular order.

Read a good book – Who doesn’t love a good book? I certainly enjoy reading a book when my stress levels are high. When you grab a book, the stress that has accumulated throughout your body and mind have started to subside. Your imagination is able to run rampant and while that happens, the stress melts away.

Watch your favorite movie – You know that favorite movie that you love so much? Grab it and put it into your DVD player, sink into your couch or bed, and just relax. When you watch something that you thoroughly enjoy, your body relaxes, your mind starts to soothe itself, and the stress has faded away because you have been enjoying yourself and the movie.

Aromatherapy – Burning incense or candles are always one of the best things to do. The smell from the object releases a trigger that calms down your entire system and helps reduce the stress. Choose your favorite scents, do you enjoy a light lavender or do you enjoy an earthy Frankincense? Whatever you enjoy, use that and let it help relieve you from your worries.

Tea or Coffee – Pretty much everyone on this planet enjoys either a nice hot mug of tea or coffee. I prefer tea, and drink it every other day with breakfast before I start my day. Enjoying a mug of hot tea or coffee relaxes every inch of your body from the inside to the outside. So while you sit down, just enjoy a nice hot mug of your favorite tea or coffee flavor, there many to choose from.

Exercise – Any form of exercise helps reduce the stress, due to the fact that your mind is trying to focus on the exercise that you are doing, and also because exercise reduces the hormones that your body is excreting. These hormones are cortisol and adrenaline, when the body is high on these two, it makes the mind and body hard to relax. So when you do any form of exercise, those levels are lowered and you are able to relax.

Spend time with an animal – For the most part, almost all households have a little four legged child running around. When you spend time with your four legged child (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. ) your stress levels are reduce almost immediately, this is due to the fact that animals are gifted with a sensation of knowing when something is wrong and they will do anything and everything to make you feel better. For an example, when you are stressed out to the max or sick, your dog is going to come over to you and curl up next to you (if your dog thinks they can sit on you, they will curl up on your lap or just lay all over you in general). Animals are absolutely, without a doubt, the best stress relievers out there on this planet. Cuddle with your animals, pet them, just spend time with them; they will reduce your stress levels quickly.

Yoga or Pilates – Although this does fall under the category of exercise, doing either yoga or Pilates is highly beneficial to you and your overall health. For example, stretching and focusing on the poses, all the while listening to some soothe melodies will relieve the stress from your body and you will have energy for the day. As a certified Pilates instructor I highly recommend either one of them, because they help you in every aspect from mentally to physically to emotionally.

Eat dark chocolate – Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially dark chocolate? Personally, I already love dark chocolate and thoroughly enjoy it a couple times a week. Dark chocolate is actually a lot healthier than milk chocolate and white chocolate, due to the fact that it has more of its natural essentials that you need and still has more of the required vitamins that you need in your system. Dark chocolate is also a great piece of food that helps reduce stress and both adrenaline and cortisol levels.

Surround yourself with nature sounds – You can either go outside and sit by the pond at the park while listening to the birds flutter about, or you can sit or lay down on the couch while listening to a CD of nature melodies. The sounds from nature have always had a calming effect on everyone, and they immediately destroy the stress and bring a serene feeling to you not only on the inside of your mind, body, and soul; but also to your physical appearance as well.

Chat with a friend who listens – Sometimes the best way to relieve the stress is to vent and to seek advice at the same time. Choosing a friend who is really good at listening and giving advice is one of the best things in the world, because they will be able to help you sort out problems you may encountering and give you the advice that you need.


These are just a few ways to manage your stress, help keep you from going insane, and having a meltdown. It truly is inevitable, life can be quite stressful sometimes; thankfully there are some great ways to reduce the stress and to create a healthier environment for ourselves and for those around us in the process.