Wherever my Soul Takes Me

I am the type of person who is always looking for the next place to travel, the next place to lay my head while I learn more of my holistic trade, help others, and write more poetry and stories. I am what most people call a nomad, wanderluster, a wandering hippie who wants to learn everything, see everything, and heal everything. And that is exactly who I am. I am constantly thinking about the next place I want to travel to, and experience the culture surrounding the area. It is in my bones, in my skin, in my heart, and in my soul. This is why I keep a handful of things with me, just a duffel bag of clothes and books, and a backpack.

For three years, I lived in New Mexico, in Taos for a good portion, and Albuquerque for a brief period. While I lived there I ended up going numerous adventures, one long weekend I got in my car and went to Utah and Arizona, and trust me it was amazing. I went to Colorado on numerous occassions to see family and friends, I traveled to Oklahoma to see my parents and younger brother. And at one point I went to California and had a great time. Now, I currently live in Alaska, situated next to Canada, above Washington, and a flight away from New Zealand and Japan. And right now, I can’t wait to see where my soul and feet take me next, because I live for adventures.

When you are nomadic at heart, you are bound to have endless adventures. And there is nothing wrong with that, because that is the soul you were born with. Where do you like to travel? Do you like going on long trips to unknown destinations?

Wanderlust Box (Poem)

A soul wrapped in a countryside box,
Placed with a bow made of a map on top.
Open the box and you shall see,
The bits and pieces that have scattered about,
Leaving the soul wandering for the rest of its eternity.

Poke some holes into the box,
Let it breathe,
Send it off,
And let the world shape it into who it’s supposed to be.
That is the only way we will ever know,
Who it will be,
Once they’ve reached the ripe age of ninety.

The Minimalist Nomad: Traveling Lifestyle


Recently, while I was working at the clinic today, a coworker of mine had asked me about my trip plans to Alaska (I am moving the first weekend of March). This had started a conversation that begun at 9 am and it is still proceeding. One of the questions had stuck out though.

** K: Are you flying or driving?
Me: I am flying.
**K: Nice. How many luggage’s are you taking with you?
Me: Just my backpack and my duffel bag.
**K: Wait…that is all? How much do you have?
Me: Not that much, actually. I travel light.
**K: What all do you own?
Me: A few outfits that I can mix and match, a set of pajamas my tennis shoes, winter boots, heavy jacket, a few books: 5 reading, 5 writing, some pens, feminine necessities, a deck of tarot cards, wallet, phone and laptop.
**K: Wait, that is it? I have a whole bunch of stuff in my house that I could never get rid of. How do you do it?
Me: I’ve never needed much. Just the necessities and a few things that I know I will definitely want to have on me.

(**Kept my coworkers name confidential for legal purposes.)

Traveling, for many seems like a daunting thing, due to the fact that you have to figure out what you are going to bring with you and what you are going to donate, throw away, or sell. Many times, people tend to develop attachments to inanimate objects and begin to feel as though they must save many things, making it hard for them to get rid of things down the road.

When it comes to traveling, you need to think about many different scenarios from flying to sailing to luggage prices and about what you actually need with you. You also need to think about the others that are coming with you, if you have children, and try to figure out exactly what they need to bring as well. With this much going on in one persons head, it can make you go crazy, and in the end, you wind up with a headache or a migraine over this whole thing.

Minimalism is a Zen-living style where you own less materials and objects, and focus more on yourself, family, and living life. As a society, everyone has been creating attachments to inanimate objects, making them seem like they are a big thing, and in which they are not. When you release the objects that you do not need, you begin to feel better, you begin to eliminate any discontent you have, you are able to live in the moment, able to focus on your health, pursue your passions, and you’ll be able to rid yourself of any excess stuff. Doesn’t that sound grand?

Living the minimalist lifestyle, especially while traveling, makes things a lot easier. From relieving yourself from excess objects, you will be able to enjoy life more, and focus on everything around you, instead of accumulating things.

Autumn Movie (Poem)

As we drive down the road,
The mist consumes the entire car.
We become part of the scenery,
The orange trees become our personal movie.

Two friends are asleep in the back,
With the puppy laying his head on one of their laps.
My friend drives,
His eyes on the road,
While I sit here watching,
Observing every part of this show.
I am the audience of this beautiful movie,
I watch it be created as we continue on our journey.

Book Club: September


Twenty five years ago, Diana Gabaldon released the famous novel Outlander in the United Kingdom for the world to read. This novel set in motion that is now a successful book series and a wonderful television series. The first time I read this novel, it wasn’t until I was in high school because twenty five years ago I was just being born.

Outlander is about a young lady named Claire from the 1940’s (WWII) who is working as a British Army nurse. She is married to a history professor named Frank Randall and they live a great life for the most part. The two of them decided to go on another second honeymoon up in Scotland so Frank can gather more information about his family’s history. While Frank is digging around for information, Claire goes plant picking around the hill of Craigh na Dun. While there, she comes into contact with the standing stones on top of the hill. She gets dizzy and faints, then she is awaken by the ancestor of her husband, Captain Jack Randall. Captain Jack attempts to take Claire back with him after he has decided that she is a threat. Before he could take her back with him, he is knocked unconscious by a Scotsman. The scots have declared that she is Sassenach, an outlander that is unfamiliar with the Scottish Highland culture. She heals a Scottish lad name Jamie Fraser by fixing his arm, and then ends up marrying him. The adventures they have throughout the book will keep you hooked.

This novel is filled with romance, history (takes place during the Jacobite uprising), adventure; it’s no wonder why thousands of men and women have been drawn to this novel and the rest of the series. Although it has been turned into a television series, and I must say that it is fantastic, reading the book will make it even more fun because it will seem like you are able to see everything through all of the characters eyes.

Surviving in Mother Nature


Many of you out there love the outdoors, just like I do. So during the spring, summer, or autumn season we all strap on our hiking boots and grab our camping bags for a trip under the stars and mountains. For those of us who know our way around the earth and around nature we have no problem with getting ourselves out of a rough patch when we come to one. However, there are those who have no clue what they are doing and they are novices to the outdoors, which leads them to getting lost and confused about where they are at and then things start to turn bad.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to proceed into the great unknown that is Mother Earth, then there are things that you must know if you wish to go camping or hiking, even if it is just for a day or night. Please, read this, print this, take this with you; because I can guarantee you that you will need it when you encounter such situations.

1. Getting lost. This one is the major one that I will be talking about because novices always get lost and then things start to go awry. When you get lost and your map is not helping you at all, let me tell you this…please do not panic! That is the last thing you want to do. When you panic, you end up creating the worst scenarios in your brain, then when that happens you end up running around in circles screaming as if you were a chicken with its head cut off. So please do not panic. What you need to do is calm your ass down (sorry, but this is the only way I will get your attention), assess the situation and start to look around for signs. Trying to figure out where you are while being anxious is the worst thing in the world, so please for the love of god, calm down. If you are near a river or stream, assess it, grab a drink (with a filtered bottle), and then proceed north of the river or stream. This will lead you back to civilization.

2. Make shelter. This one correlates with the first one. If you are lost in the forest, mountains, any region where you cannot reach civilization, the first thing you need to do is create shelter before night falls. You can make a make-shift tent with branches, broken trees (skinny ones), twigs and tie them together with either rope or some other material that you have brought along with you. More often than not, you can always find earth based material throughout the forest to help tie the branches together. Once you have created shelter, then you can go about and gather logs for your fire for the night.

3. Find food. Now, on this one it might be tricky for a lot of you, especially if you’ve never fished, hunted or have never studied plants. Making a make-shift spear will be great for when you go fishing in the river or lake, because once you have locked onto a fish that you wish to capture, throw that spear into it. With much larger animals, what you need to do is be very quiet and try not to startle the animal (now, I’ve never hunted because I don’t like to, but I know how to fish and know my way around the plants).

4. Burn baby burn. Fire, the best thing in the world. Not only does it keep you warm throughout the night and heat up your clothes when they have become wet, but it is also an excellent source of communication. Smoke signals are the best thing that you can use to attract the rangers attention and that way they can find you at your location. Granted, it would be nice if you knew any of the smoke signal codes, but if you don’t it is okay, just the signal alone will alert the rangers to come your way.

5. Be prepared. Now with this, you can’t be prepared to get lost. No one ever thinks that they will get lost, but in the event if you do become lost there are a few things that you need to have on you at all times. Wallet – you must keep your wallet on you at all times. Keep in your backpack in one of the zipped pockets, so that the rangers or whoever can identify you if things have gone horribly wrong (not saying that they will, but there is a possibility). Medications –If you are one of those people who are medications and you need to take them everyday, please take it with you. Your asthma inhaler will help you when you are hyperventilating and having a hard time breathing. And if you are diabetic, please keep your insulin and glucose monitor with you at all times. You don’t want to go into some diabetic coma because you forgot your insulin. Snacks – Granola bars, nuts, perishable items that won’t go moldy within a couple of days will help you. Yes, they are the worst things in the world (i.e. chips, jerky, etc. ) but you will be thankful that you had them in the first place when you are starving and wishing you had some hamburger or big salad. Water filter bottle- You can obtain these at your local stores, more likely at a camping gear store. Having one of these will help you in the long run when you are needing something to drink and all you have is some water that is holding feces from fish and other animals, and whatever chemicals that mankind has dumped into it (sorry, but our corporations are ignorant and they don’t realize what the hell they are doing). So it is best that you keep this with you at all times. Compass – This magnificent object is and will always be your best friend. When you are trying to find North and trying to go upstream this little guy will help you out. Baby it’s cold outside- not really, but you get the point. You never know what the weather will be like. One minute it can be bright and sunny, then all of a sudden it is raining so hard that you have to take shelter in a cave. Bring a jacket, I don’t care if it adds more weight to your pack., you will be lucky that you had it once it started to rain or even snow.

6. Talking body love. Sorry about the title to this one, I really enjoy the song. But when you are about to go on a trip, to anywhere in the world, you need to communicate. Tell a friend, relative, coworker; whoever it may be, tell them where you are going and how long you will be there. Let them know that when you expect to be back, and if something were to go wrong, to send people out that way so that you could be found. Look, I am not the first person to admit this, but I love going on trips and camping on my own, but for most people they cringe at the sight because I am a single woman in my mid-20’s and they see the world as something completely dangerous. Hell, I have more of a chance to be killed in a city than I will be killed by a mountain lion. But nevertheless, I let a coworker, friend or a relative know where I am going that way they can do what they need to do in case of emergencies.

7. Aw, I want to pet the pretty bear. No! Do not go near any wild animals that are ten times bigger than you and that are clearly dangerous. If you see a bear, there are several different ways to approach this. Slowly retreat, do not run! If you think you can outrun a bear, then you are sadly mistaken, because even though bears looks big and fat, they have the ability to out run you and have you for dinner. So the best thing to do is just to slowly retreat without it even detecting you doing so. If you are able to, climb a tree. And if you do climb, climb up very high to the point where the bear cannot even reach you. Now with this next solution, I don’t like it because it can cause much damage to the bear, but if you happen to have a pepper spray can on you, let the bear get close enough to you to where you can use the pepper spray and while it is disoriented, then you can make your escape. If it is a grizzly bear that you have encountered, then you might want to be prepared and have your backpack on. Grizzly bears are the most defensive type of bears (black bears being more timid than most), you will want to be on the ground in the fetal position with the backpack facing up towards the bear. The grizzly bear will see you as non-threatening, but there will be a chance of the bear trying to jump up and down on you, so the backpack will give you some protection from that. After the attack, do not, I repeat do not get up so fast, wait a few minutes after the bear has left and then you can proceed to get out of the area before anything else occurs.


Now, all of you who have been doing this for some years now, you should know by now what to do and what not to do, so this doesn’t fully apply to you. But it is here for you to reread. For all of you novices, please read this and then reread it, getting lost is not the greatest thing in the world for anyone. But if you don’t know what you are doing then please don’t go hiking or camping, unless you bring a buddy with you.

Happy camping and hiking everyone, hope you all enjoy the spectacular views that mother earth has to offer.


The Nomadic Soul


For those of you who have been following and reading me for any length of time, you know that I am a person who loves to travel. In fact, there are times where I will spontaneously get in my car and drive off to some random place that I’ve never been to before and just explore the area. That is who I am, and that is how I will always be. There is nothing wrong with that. My entire life, all I’ve wanted to do is get a van, rebuild the interior and live out of it and just travel while I work and focus on my books. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The nomadic lifestyle has always called to me, and it was pointed out to my parents very early on. They didn’t know what to make of it, and quite honestly they still don’t. Within a few months I will be 25 years old and they are still hoping that I stay put in one spot and just stay there, but sadly I am unable to do such a thing. Let me explain to why I am unable to settle into one spot.

Picture this; you are driving in a van with your bed in the back raised up and you have things stored underneath, suddenly you have found the perfect spot to park your van and you flip a switch to unlatch the back door of the van. You climb on out and open the door wide open and then you climb onto the bed. As you lay on the bed, you reach for a book that is in your little library and you begin to read under the lights that are placed on the ceiling of the van. Once you’ve finished the chapter/book, you look out into the world and you can see for miles the mountains, hills, the rivers and lakes, the star filled sky with the moon shining down so brightly. Off in the distance you can see the elk and deer trotting through the forest to find a place to rest for the night. You fall asleep and when morning comes you are greeted by the most beautiful sunrise imaginable. You start a campfire, make some breakfast and a cup of tea while you place your yoga mat on the ground and do yoga while everything is getting ready. After breakfast, tea/coffee, and yoga; you walk over to the lake with a towel in your hand and you strip off your clothes. Taking a dip into the lake, you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and calm. As you wash up in the lake, the glow from the sunrise welcomes you into a new day and a mist begins to fall into place around you. Grabbing your towel, you make your way back to your van to change into clothes, brush your hair and teeth. Then you can start your day by hiking, checking out the local museums, whatever your heart desires.

That is the best possible way that I can describe to anyone about why I cannot settle into one spot. It is nearly impossible, because I am wanting to constantly be somewhere new and explore. There is nothing wrong that whatsoever, some of us are meant to live that nomadic lifestyle. My dad is the polar opposite of me, he would rather put down some roots somewhere and stay there until he passes away. He loves to travel, but he wants to be able to have a home to come to. Whereas, my home is wherever I go, my home is what I take with me and where I live. I don’t have a town or state or even a country for that matter that I could call home. It is just who I am.